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Gudrun Gudrun

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Gudrun Gudrun

Two Faroese women found themselves staring at the flames during the Faroe Islands annual tradition that burns the excess wool produced by the island's sheep.  They wondered why nobody had thought of a way to use the excess wool.  Drawing from the fundamentals of sustainability and the desire to help women around the world, they established the Gudrun Gudrun Foundation.

15 years later, there are now a number of knitting projects around the world lead by women who are the hands behind all of the brand's knitted pieces, which continues to source the majority of its wool from the Faroe Islands.  

The increasing demand of the brand has led to the development of more collections including one that uses eco-wool and a children and men’s collection.

They have been awarded for various prizes for their sustainable and ethical approach to manufacturing. In addition, they actively participate in various sustainable projects, art installations, and publications worldwide.  

In 2016 Gudrun Gudrun launched a collection designed with Art Comes First at Pitti and Paris Fashion Weeks. 

Stocked in Antonioli, Penelope, Isetan, Tribu, Calypso, Press London, Mads Norgaard,